It’s Finally Here – Read My Full Marketing With Alex Review!

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Hey, it’s Henry,

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about Marketing With Alex Elite.

Note that this is a review though, Click Here to visit the Official Website.

Why am I writing this?  Well, when I was thinking about buying Marketing With Alex Elite, there weren’t too many real reviews around, so I thought I’d write one now to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

So without further ado,

What actually is Marketing With Alex Elite?

Marketing with Alex is the newest and latest product by Marketing Guru Alex Jeffreys.  It shows you the exact system Alex himself uses to generate over $60,000 every month online, from absolute fundamentals to the exact little details.

But it’s not what you’d expect.  When I logged in to the members area for the first time I was expecting the standard sequence of articles or videos that you’d find in any other online course, but this turned out to be different – Alex takes you on as his student, if you will, and invites you to take him as your coach; then he leads you step-by-step through his exact formula to making money.

The whole ‘personal’ element is something I really liked about this course; not only is there a Q&A session after every one of the thirteen modules, but there’s a members-only forum included where you can discuss the teachings with Alex himself! (as well as all the other members).  Think for a second how valuable it would be for you to have a direct communication link with one of the best internet marketers in the business?  This is a big plus, and something that’s been absent from many other courses I’ve reviewed in the past.

What’s more, Alex practically guarantees your success by including in the course a ready-made front-end product, back-end product and video sales letter – hell it’d be hard not to succeed given the fact that he coaches you on top of this!

Step-by-step, here’s exactly what the program gives you:

“Basically, you’re getting a how to guide on exactly how to implement the ‘$60K a month’ system, plus a READY MADE Product and Sales Letter!”

Click Here to Go To The Official Marketing With Alex Website

So what actual system does the course teach?

Well, unlike many WSOs or ‘original new products’ out there, Marketing With Alex teaches a system that can truly be called tried and tested.  It’s been the strategy of choice for the best internet marketers for some time now, and it works like this:

  • Create a free product
  • Create a paid product
  • Give out the free product and use it to build a huge email list
  • Sell the paid product on the backend (this more than makes your money back!)
  • Sell lots of products to the list you built in a sequence of emails

Also remember, Marketing With Alex comes bundled with two products you can sell!  It literally couldn’t be any easier.

Now obviously that’s a HUGE oversimplification of Alex’s method, but there’s a quick version for you.  Now think for a minute: isn’t that exactly what all the other internet gurus are already doing themselves? How many mailing lists are you on from people who gave out free products to you?   Slowly you can begin to realise why this works so well, and why this technique is so widespread!

Now it’s one thing to give you a list like that, and it’s another thing to teach you how to do it yourself.  This is where Alex shines, and his video coaching definitely ranks among the best I’ve seen on the subject.  In short: this stuff works.


The Bad Points

Obviously, Marketing With Alex isn’t perfect.  Here’s what I didn’t like about it:

  • To get the absolute best teaching, you have to subscribe to Alex’s monthly coaching sessions.  This is a monthly billing but to be completely honest you’d make so much more money, it more than outweighs the face-value of becoming a member in the first place.
  • The volume of information can be a bit daunting to a blind-newbie: thirteen video modules with multiple parts!  I guess if you’re looking for a quick little system then you need to look elsewhere, because with the level of detail Alex uses you’re pretty much guaranteed some results.

The Good Points

  • One of the world’s best Internet Marketers as your personal coach.  I can’t really stress the benefit of this enough, check out my other article for more information on this.
  • The included Products, and Video Sales Letter.  This will save you a LOT of time, and shows you exactly what a good product should be like.
  • The Bonus Material that comes with the product.  If you arrived at this website from a Google search, most of the other links you’ll see will be reviews of an older, 2010 course that Alex released under the same name.  This comes bundled free with Marketing With Alex Elite (this product) so you get BOTH products for the same price!
  • The Breadth of the system – Alex goes from absolute fundamentals all the way to advanced levels of back-end automation, outsourcing, scaling and membership sites.
  • The direct-line of contact with Alex via the forum.  If the Q&A sessions after each module aren’t enough for you, you have the ability to contact Alex directly via the forum to get your questions answered.  I can’t overstate how valuable this is.

The Last Word

And so we come to the end of my Marketing With Alex Elite review.  Overall, this is one of the most impressive and complete training courses I’ve seen in a long time.

When you consider the volume of training, the credentials of the man behind it, and the fact that you get free products to sell (did I mention bundled software too?), you’ve gotta hand it to Alex, he has a fantastic training course here.  If you’re looking to get started in the Internet Marketing business, I can’t recommend Alex Jeffreys enough.


Click Here Go to The Official Marketing With Alex Website

Marketing With Alex Launch Video is LIVE!

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Hey guys!

The Marketing With Alex 3.0 launch video is out you can see it here: Watch the video here.

Just watched it myself and you’re not going to want to miss it! Nothing explains what Marketing With Alex is all about better than this.

It’s by the creator of the course himself, Alex Jeffreys, and shows you proof of the money he’s made online as well as testimonial proof of strategy itself.

If you’re still wondering what the heck Marketing With Alex is then watch the video! All is revealed.

But if you just want the quick summary: It’s the flagship course by one of the top Internet Marketing gurus.

Alex is unique in this case because he’s taken these proven techniques to the next level and packaged them up in an entirely new course, full of his own content. It really is easy to start earning with this!

So, if you didn’t already, click here to watch the new Launch Video.

Marketing With Alex 3.0 is shaping up to be the best quality product I’ve seen in a loooong time and the buzz around its launch is unbelievable. Man, I’m excited!

By the way: The full, no fluff Review will be up tomorrow… So I’ll cya then!

EDIT: The full review is now live!  Click Here to read it.


What is Marketing with Alex Elite?

December 2nd, 2012 1 comment

Chances are if you’re on this page then you already know, but I thought I may as well clear up EXACTLY what this course is for those who are still unsure.

Marketing With Alex shows you the BLUEPRINT that Alex Jeffreys himself uses to make over $60,000 every month.   What Alex has done is to break down the entire system into easy-to-watch video modules where he teaches you everything, live.

What kind of Internet marketing training is taught in Marketing With Alex?

It teaches you the tried-and-tested system of lead generation and marketing to a list (there’s a reason why the best people use this!), but then it goes way beyond that and teaches you every aspect of exactly what Alex himself does to bring in the cash, every day.  It even comes with a ready made product and video sales letter!  This is huge, nobody else I know has done this.

Here’s an outline of the exact system Alex will teach you (Obviously in a heck of alot more detail!):

Module #1:  Forward to Basics (covers all the introductory ground you need to understand)

Module #2:  How to create fully automated websites that bring in the cash for you

Module #6:  Alex’s list-building machines, and how to make money from that list.

Module  #10: How to create membership websites, and create the content, that brings you revenue month after month :)

He really doesn’t leave anything out of this product, and because it’s Alex, you know it’s gonna be good.  This product is looking to be absoultely great for any newbies to internet marketing.

Stay tuned and in a couple of days I’ll have videos of the program for you, as well as an update on my Review.

Who is Alex Jeffreys?

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I always think it’s essential to know a little background about the creators of a product, especially if they claim to be ‘experts’ in their field…

So I thought I’d make a quick post to give you all a little background on who the creator of Marketing with Alex is.

And that person is, Alex Jeffreys.  If you haven’t heard of him already you can be assured that he is of the internet business mentors around today.  He started in 2008 and got his sales training whilst marketing products on eBay; but since then he’s expanded into affiliate marketing and general internet business, releasing seven books and four major products (all of which have gone on to sell really well).

Seriously, you can even look him up – it seems he’s coached dozens of students who are now operating successful lives thanks to the internet.  He ran a highly successful training program in 2010 and then appeared to close his doors forever – however now he’s releasing a new training course, Marketing with Alex Elite – hence leading me to create this site.  Can you tell I’m excited yet?

NOTE: My Full Review of Marketing With Alex Elite is now live!  Click Here to Read it.


Marketing with Alex Review is nearly here!

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Hey I’m Henry,

First things first, thanks for checking out my website dedicated to my Marketing with Alex Review.  What you’ll find here is the most comprehensive review of Marketing with Alex 3.0 on the net, as well as my own personal experience with the course during my relatively short ‘test’ period.

It’s launching on the 4th December and this will be one of many posts.  Keep checking back for more news on the product launch and my full review!

UPDATE: My Full Review is now LIVE: Click Here to read it!